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Supporting the well-being of the veterinary community

Why Mindfulness in Veterinary Medicine?

The Science


Mindfulness is cultivating present moment awareness. It is about your ability to notice your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations in the moment that is unfolding right now with a sense of curiosity. For decades there has been peer-reviewed scientific research on the impact of mindfulness, and new research is emerging on mindfulness in veterinary medicine! 


Across the scientific literature, it has been found that engaging in mindfulness can:



Source: Greater Good Science Center - UC Berkeley. (2017) The state of mindfulness science. 


Check out my services below to see how I apply the science of mindfulness to support well-being in veterinary medicine!

Sarah Montgomery, Ph.D.

Founder of Peace Within Mindfulness

Certified Mindfulness Educator

“Wow, Veterinarians could really use that. You should help us.”

My friend courageously shared this during a random encounter on his Tuesday afternoon off at a local coffee shop after learning about my research and teaching on mindfulness. His vulnerability changed my life.



I apply the science of mindfulness to support well-being in the veterinary community by creating 

evidence-based approaches to help you easily integrate mindfulness into your daily life.  


Please join me in exploring the many ways that mindfulness can support veterinary medicine. 

Let's be the change together. 

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Mindful Vet Med On-Demand Audio

Monthly or Annual Access

Each practice is:

  • 5 minutes or less

  • Grounded in scientific research

  • Based on interviews with 100+ veterinarians

  • Applied to real-world vet med contexts

Mindful Vet Med
On-Demand Audio 

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Speaking & Consulting

In-Person or Virtual

Contact me to talk about how we can work together to support your individual or team wellness goals.

Workshops, Speaking & Consulting

On-demand audio 

mindfulness practices customized for veterinary medicine

Custom workshops for your practice team, coaching, conference speaking, and more


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News Updates and Latest Blog

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Mindfulness for Veterinary Medicine

Race- Approved 
Continuing Education

On-demand online CE course for veterinarians and veterinary technicians.


What is Mindfulness?

Read my first blog post, where I introduce the key elements of mindfulness and tell a story about our mindful rescue dog.


Mindful Communication in Veterinary Medicine

Read my latest blog about the role of mindfulness in effective communication in veterinary medicine

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